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It’s been a while…

30 December, 2015

I know it’s been a little while, life has gotten busy. I have a new partner, boyfriend, best friend, supporter, help meet and all round nice man in my life.

Since I told hubby to move out in September there were some lows, some highs, some "shake my head in disbelief" moments and then the sun slowly and steadily began shining on my life again – for both of us.

Yesterday I found the Western Union payment slip – the last vestige of my ignorance, naivety, belief in what I thought was a real hope for a new life but here I sit incredulous of where I currently am…

So the scammer, once confronted stopped contacting me – at least they were that decent. A few days passed and my heart had dropped, the life had been taken from me for a brief moment and I thought about what I’d had and what I’d lost.

I’d fallen in love – with myself – and had to realise that while this ficticious "bloke" might have said all the right things it didn’t mean he would actually DO the right thing.

So since then I met "BeardOptional", got chatting on Zoosk, Hangouts and then met him. We have such similar desires with the written word – writing to him in chat is a pleasure. Reading what he writes is just like hearing him say it.

Where communication with hubby had gone to below zero, our communication skills are high, our trust is just growing deeper each day, our openness is like a refreshing breeze and we laugh. As to the physical attraction I was watching him in my kitchen yesterday, making chips, concentrating, talking to him and I am smitten.

What’s good is that I will say it to him. We compliment each other, we build each other up. We tease each other with silly talk and we hate being apart from each other.

My kids have been a bit slow to come to the party but they are slowly coming around to the fact he’s around and will continue to be around as we find a balance of seeing each other that works for us all. We went through a particularly bumpy patch but we are getting through it, stronger.

Most importantly I am happy. Happier than I’ve been in years and I love it, am addicted to it, am hungry for it…


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