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Stress overload, high cholesterol and escape

3 September, 2015

Overloaded and trying to remain centred when back at work is tricky when you deal with so many different personalities. Let me explain…

I’ve just had two weeks off work. The first week was spent showing my Dad from Ireland around and just hanging out with him. Then we packed him off on the plane, chilled for another week with a couple of dates out for hubby and I and all too soon it was back to work with an element of dread.

As it happened, just prior to Dad’s visit, I was at my GP and he suggested that I increase my Prozac by one to get me out of a funk I’d fallen into after having a grandchild born, told I had high cholesterol and a “fuck it” attitude.

So I was apparently good while he was here. Hubby noted it and then I reduced back to my usual dose of 2. A week later I’d fallen into another funk so I’ve upped them back to 3 again to get me through PMS and whatever else is going on in my body.

Coming back to work with this funk happening was really hard and on Tuesday I found myself hypersensitive to noise, colleagues talking loudly from their offices, noise on the street and a general cacophony happening that I took 50mg Largactil to chill a bit after a moment’s hesitation thinking that I could deal with it without meds for a bit.

After hubby mentioned my low mood, I noticed my snapping and general low mood I decided to go back up to the three Prozac and see where my mood goes from there. The flip side of the Prozac is that I am waking up at stupid o’clock and have had to up my Largactil at night to get me through to around 6am (which is only slightly less than stupid o’clock).

Yesterday I was questioning should I even be in this role at work. I was feeling so down that I just wanted to quit. It was a long day that I eventually got through with listening to TED talks, jumping on Facebook for a sanity break and running out for a coffee and walk in the middle of the day. I didn’t even eat, nor did I feel like eating.

Anyway, back to it today with people who work with people who flap, which makes them flap, which makes me feel bad for not knowing something I had no business knowing about and it’s sent me to blogging. It’s been a while…

Maybe work, in my current role, isn’t as healthy for me as I had hoped.

On another side… I’ve been told I have high cholesterol – 8.8mmol/l (or 340 mg/dl). I’ve gotten a heap of books out from the library, one – The great cholesterol myth : why lowering your cholesterol won’t prevent heart disease– and the statin-free plan that will – See more on this great book here

This was told to me on 4/8/15 or thereabouts. After I’d had blood taken for a Menzies study to see if I was suitable for the clinical study – I’m not.

So, changes I’ve made before I get blood taken again at the end of September to see if I can lower my cholesterol…

I’ve taken on a free gym membership offered by my workplace for 6 months – the plan is to train 2-3 times on the cross trainer/bike/rower and a little weights. I’m still juggling with kids and doing it consistently and the couple of times I had time to do it recently I didn’t have access to the gym! That is now sorted but we are moving our son this weekend so will be busy doing that instead of finding time in the gym…

In case you hadn’t noticed, or been aware, I hate the gym.

While I was on two weeks off I found an app called Fitbit which makes the phone into a fitbit and measures you out walking or active. This has been a little bit handy for spotting where I am active and how much incidental exercise I fit into my day. Coffee breaks can account for a 1.5-3km lunchtime walk each time depending on the city circuit I do.

Another thing that is timely is that our workplace was offering scholarships to a University of Tasmania online course on Health and Technology. Again, the only reason I actually signed up was to get a free FitBit. I have a pedometer at home but having something on my wrist rather than my trousers is much more convenient – I mean come on… a snazzy watch or some chunky block digging (or not) into ribs?!

Anyway, the uni course is designed around how we use technology to move more or less and how much time we end up sitting on our derriere during the day. Awareness is half the battle, right?

I also booked into a dietician to go over my diet – the upshot of that is that I am eating more nuts in my mid morning snack, I keep meaning to grab some olives but keep forgetting and I have reduced my full fat milk – of which I drink around 1.5 litres daily in my coffees or just straight – to Light milk. I have also doubled my Fish Oil tablets, taking a Blackmores Cholesterol health – plant statins and back on Vitamin D

To recap –

I’ve gone Light milk rather than full cream milk,

have a handful of nuts – walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, macadamia, pecan, peanut and cashew mix – mostly organic and raw but the peanut and cashews are salted and roasted (it’s nicer than I thought it might be – not bitter)

I do cardio in the gym

I am getting my thyroid function tested (possibly re-tested but we don’t have a record that it was done at my current GP who had initially diagnosed my depression and believed he would have had my TSH

Taking Cholesterol Health plant statins, doubled my fish oil to over 1000mg EPA and added vitamin D in again

My blood pressure is normal and while I was extremely anxious when hubby was undergoing chestpain and angiogram I was getting sympathetic pains and also had a clear ECG. I will ask my GP if doing an angiogram or a referral to a cardiologist is warranted but that current read (above) is guarded against the decision to go on statins for purely high cholesterol.

Oh, and then there is the onset of menopause to contend with – whether that’s starting or not…

Joys having turned a grandmother 4 weeks ago – she’s cute!


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