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Week 6 Day 5 Genesis 31 Mark 2

4 March, 2015

Genesis 31

31 Jacob heard Laban’s sons complaining, Jacob has taken away all that was our father’s; he has acquired all this wealth and honor from what belonged to our father.

And Jacob noticed that Laban looked at him less favorably than before.

Then the Lord said to Jacob, Return to the land of your fathers and to your people, and I will be with you.

So Jacob sent and called Rachel and Leah to the field to his flock,

And he said to them, I see how your father looks at me, that he is not [friendly] toward me as before; but the God of my father has been with me.

You know that I have served your father with all my might and power.

But your father has deceived me and changed my wages ten times, but God did not allow him to hurt me. Jacob put up with a lot and eventually hears God tell him to leave.

9 Thus God has taken away the flocks of your father and given them to me.

10 And I had a [a]dream at the time the flock conceived. I looked up and saw that the rams which mated with the she-goats were streaked, speckled, and spotted.

11 And the [b]Angel of God said to me in the dream, Jacob. And I said, Here am I.

12 And He said, Look up and see, all the rams which mate with the flock are streaked, speckled, and mottled; for I have seen all that Laban does to you. Again genetics – God made it so that whatever way Laban twisted things for Jacob he would be blessed.

13 I am the God of Bethel, where you anointed the pillar and where you vowed a vow to Me. Now arise, get out from this land and return to your native land.

14 And Rachel and Leah answered him, Is there any portion or inheritance for us in our father’s house?

15 Are we not counted by him as strangers? For he sold us and has also quite devoured our money [the price you paid for us].

16 For all the riches which God has taken from our father are ours and our children’s. Now then, whatever God has said to you, do it.

17 Then Jacob rose up and set his sons and his wives upon the camels; Even Laban’s daughter’s are able to see through his scheming

26 And Laban said to Jacob, What do you mean stealing away and leaving like this without my knowing it, and carrying off my daughters as if captives of the sword?

27 Why did you flee secretly and cheat me and did not tell me, so that I might have sent you away with joy and gladness and with singing, with tambourine and lyre?

28 And why did you not permit me to kiss my sons [grandchildren] and my daughters good-bye? Now you have done foolishly [in behaving like this].

29 It is in my power to do you harm; but the God of your father spoke to me last night, saying, Be careful that you do not speak from good to bad to Jacob [peaceably, then violently]. Laban again tries to convince Jacob he has his best intentions.

55 And early in the morning Laban rose up and kissed his grandchildren and his daughters and pronounced a blessing [asking God’s favor] on them. Then Laban departed and returned to his home.  Finally an agreement is made between the men and Laban lets Jacob go.

Mark 2

Then they came, bringing a paralytic to Him, who had been picked up and was being carried by four men.

And when they could not get him to a place in front of Jesus because of the throng, they dug through the roof above Him; and when they had [a]scooped out an opening, they let down the [[b]thickly padded] quilt or mat upon which the paralyzed man lay.Recently I had a discussion with a friend with a disabled daughter and how she felt that there should be more disabled people in the church – in fact the church should be full of them.  I think she is completely overwhelmed by the permanent care of this adult daughter but this is my point – it was the able bodied people who brought the disabled to Jesus – it was the able bodied people who pushed those less able – it was the able bodied people who had the faith for the sick.

And when Jesus saw their faith [their confidence in God through Him], He said to the paralyzed man, Son, your sins are forgiven [you] and put away [that is, the [c]penalty is remitted, the sense of guilt removed, and you are made upright and in right standing with God]. Jesus saw THEIR faith and forgave HIS sins – the actions of the many healed the one but not until after the spiritual healing was rebuked by the leaders – 11 I say to you, arise, pick up and carry your sleeping pad or mat, and be going on home.

16 And the scribes [belonging to the party] of the Pharisees, when they saw that He was eating with [those [k]definitely known to be especially wicked] sinners and tax collectors, said to His disciples, Why does He eat and drink with tax collectors and [notorious] sinners?

17 And when Jesus heard it, He said to them, Those who are strong and well have no need of a physician, but those who are weak and sick; I came not to call the righteous ones to repentance, but sinners (the [l]erring ones and [m]all those not free from sin). To the leaders it is all about the outward appearance – the worse someone looked the more they stood aloof. Jesus was and is concerned about the heart – who is it that really needs the help – do we believe we are here for the short term or here for the eternal – would you want your eternity to be in heaven or hell?

23 One Sabbath He was going along beside the fields of standing grain, and as they made their way, His disciples began to [n]pick off the grains.

24 And the Pharisees said to Him, Look! Why are they doing what is not permitted or lawful on the Sabbath? More criticism – Living under such scrutiny would have been exhausting – even if you never sinned – as Jesus didn’t.

25 And He said to them, Have you never [even] read what David did when he was in need and was hungry, he and those who were accompanying him?—

26 How he went into the house of God when Abiathar was the high priest, and ate the sacred loaves set forth [before God], which it is not permitted or lawful for any but the priests to eat, and [how he] also gave [them] to those who were with him?

27 And Jesus said to them, The Sabbath was made on account and for the sake of man, not man for the Sabbath;

28 So the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath.


Sorry, I guess some of my heart just isn’t in the study at the moment and I may not be as on the ball as I’d like to be.  I’ve fallen behind and then when I do stop to do the study I find myself overwhelmed or tired and have difficulty concentrating – isn’t this always the way with good intentions?

So I battle on and hope the burden gets easier, the routine gets better and the enjoyment less chore and more love – as I do honestly love it when things just ping from the bible and words just flow


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