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12 February, 2015

Today I finished a training course on interviewing kids. While it hasn’t been a difficult course there are a lot of new concepts to learn and a very different way of talking.

Today was our assessment day and while I felt reasonably calm beforehand I was doing the nervous wee, trying to remain clear headed while the other 13 went ahead of me and finally I was called in.

It was as I was going through the 10 minutes maybe that the nerves hit and, to quote the facilitator, the “reptilian brain” kicked in.

I said “Can you” way too many times. I seemed to trip over myself in formality and forgot the adult in role play should have been a 7 year old. And as I wrapped up I was overly formal and forgot to lighten things in the interview.

As I listened to my critique later I recalled what I might have messed up on. My competency was being questioned and I didn’t get a clear “you’ve passed” idea.

As the class finally wrapped up with people impatiently waiting to be dismissed I knew I might be facing an “incompetent” or a repeat interview.

As it turned out I got neither. I got a “competent”. Barely. I knew nerves had hit me. I was so grateful for the “competent” but afterwards felt as if I’m constantly struggling lately.

I battled with my headspace wondering if there was anything I was naturally good at anymore. Was it such a battle for me to grab concepts and apply them?

Am I too hard on myself expecting an unrealistic scenario and a course of 4 days to change how I perform for an exam. I know I have used these interviewing techniques in work when I prepare my witnesses. I know I can use these newly learnt tips with practice.

So I stopped for a half hour. Had a latte and cake while I waited to collect my youngest boy, chatted to hubby on the phone and regrouped my head.

Back to reality tomorrow and my familiar workplace


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