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Week 3 Day 5 Genesis 16 Matthew 15

1 February, 2015

Genesis 16

Sarai tries to take into her own hands Abram having a child. She gave her maid to Abram to have sex with. To get pregnant.

When Hagar became pregnant she became bitter to Sarai. With such contempt between the two women Hagar leaves.

An angel talks to Hagar and convinces her to return to Sarai. The angel tells her she’s carrying a boy, will have a multitude of descendants and is to name him Ishmael, a feisty young man. And this came to pass.

Matthew 15

More rules and fingerpointing by the legalistic Pharisees. The thing is that in their legalism and criticising they failed to see where they were at fault – as does any judgemental snob.

The problem they had was that they twisted what God had commanded and dishonoured their parents in this example.

When Jesus pointed out the Pharisees faults the disciples told Jesus (as if He didn’t know) that He was making waves.

Peter having a blond moment said he didn’t understand to Jesus and got reprimanded for being as blind as the Pharisees. What we speak says more about us than anything else.

Jesus is then met by a Canaanite who Jesus said she wasn’t eligible for His blessing as He was there for Israel. The woman countered and Jesus said she had great faith.

I guess the lesson we can see here is if we have a valid argument for something then we should speak up to God or Jesus in our prayers. If we can “show cause” then maybe They will acquiesce to our faith.

Then Jesus sits and the crowd gathers. Blind see, maimed are healed and lame walk. For three days the crowd stays. What would Jesus have been saying or was it just simply His actions that captivated the people? What must they have thought of this man? A breath of fresh air or some demonic nut job?

So again a crowd is gathered and Jesus calls for food to be provided. This time it’s a few small fish and 7 loaves. This time they gathered 7 large baskets of leftovers. The number counted this time was 4,000 men, not including women and children.


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