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Day 4 Genesis 4 Matthew 4

15 January, 2015

Genesis 4

The story of Cain and Abel, not just their story but also their grateful hearts in their offering to the Lord.  One man looked after the crops, living a nomadic life, the other worked the land and was stable.

Cain gets a tough lesson in respect and disappointment.  God wants to teach Cain how to master it.  I don’t know why God felt he should do this – they both gave an offering, perhaps Cain didn’t give the best he had to give, whereas Abel gave the firstborn and fat offerings.

God obviously knew Cain’s heart and when Cain went and killed Abel in a fit of jealous rage God didn’t pander to Cain’s lies.  He banished Cain and put a mark on him and those who might seek to kill him.

In a way God didn’t just mark one man – he marked a race. He marked them to till the soil and to struggle to get it to yield its best.  Not only that but to be a wanderer and vagabond – displaced.  His offspring were also marked as the generations grew – establishing this tribe.  One day we might gain some understanding as to who this race is and its importance.

Matthew 4

Jesus having been baptised goes into seclusion for 40 days and doesn’t eat.  At the end of the 40 days Satan comes along as the tempter he is enticing Jesus to eat – to fill his physical need.

Next Satan tempts His Lordship by taking Jesus to the top of a tower and telling Jesus to fall and the angels will prevent Him from being hurt.  When that doesn’t work Satan then shows Jesus the kingdom and says Jesus can have it if He will worship Satan.

Why would God, even as a man, bow down to someone He created?  He counters with “you shall worship God alone” and the temptation ends.  Jesus didn’t argue with Satan but countered with truth and scripture.  This was then rewarded by the angels ministering to Him.

In another gospel we hear more about John’s story, but when Jesus hears he’s been arrested he retreats to Galilee to fulfill another part of prophecy – coming from “1The land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali, in the [h]way to the sea, beyond the Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles [of the [i]peoples who are not of Israel]—”

Jesus now begins His preaching – the doomsday kind of calls that we see to the side of movies as nutjobs – certainly in Bruce Almighty with the placards.

Jesus then talks to two brothers, strangers to Him and asked them to follow Him.  They just left the family business and just followed Him.  Who has that kind of charisma?!

Jesus now begins His roaming ministry by visiting the synagogues in the district. Healings are begun and talk spreads.

This is just an overview of Jesus’ beginning in ministry


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