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Bible Study Plan

9 January, 2015

Ok, my shoulders are tense with typing and editing but I’m finally happy with what I’ve come up with.

Below is the Study Plan.  It’s broken down to weeks – I plan on doing in Monday to Friday but you may choose any 5 days you need to.  I’ve also allowed life to get in the way and three weeks a year to be taken off as and when needed.  This makes for an even spread over the time and I know it stretches it out interminably but is probably more sustainable. I have also included bullets that can be struck through (on paper) so that a progress chart can be kept.

Hubby has informed me that all he can currently deal with is one chapter a day – This would turn into a lifelong project if I did it at his speed of preferred 2 verses!  He said he analyses everything though so I plan on getting him to do the study at his pace but just doing one reading a day rather than the two I have set for myself.

That way we an discuss whatever the daily reading is together and I won’t feel lost and if hubby finds he can pick up more load then we can run with that too.

In one way my heart aches that I have to take the lead in this.  It’s a huge responsibility to have this plan on my shoulders and I hope I don’t let God down in the journey.  God (from my teachings) didn’t want women being the head of the household and doing spiritual leading on their own but when my relationship with hubby is one where I am the male and he is the female then maybe this spiritual balance will also work for us.

I’ll tell you this much, we don’t fit into the “normal” relationship and I’m learning that we do compliment each other as we grow together – it’s not like we are both fighting over who leads.  So stereotypes aside, we work and God put us together for a reason.

Forging a way ahead


The plan is adapted from the M’Cheyne and Carson version of the bible study plan found on

Use for bible reading resources online

Bible Study Plan 3 year coloured

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