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Family discussion

7 January, 2015

This morning on the way into work I discussed with hubby about doing this study with me.  He said he has struggled in the past and didn’t want to have to start on the back foot with the study and have to play catch up.

He suggested starting on a future date and while I see some benefit in that it mucks up my dates on the blog so I need to have a think about this.  Do I catch up myself and potentially leave him behind (which will give me an air of superiority) or am I gracious and start in the future and allow not just me to catch up but everyone.

Surely the whole point of the study is to DO the study and not be pressured when life gets in the way and a day might get missed and all sorts of stress adds up.  This is something I WANT to want to do, not something I feel I HAVE to do.

What do you think?

Do you think we should keep it Monday to Friday and have weekends off to ruminate and cogitate (such great words)?  I know my relationship with hubby is fraught with arguments and we will have our spats – so we might need to be gracious to each other too and not set each other up to fail…


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