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Day 1 – Matthew 1

7 January, 2015

Matthew 1

Genealogy – is ancestral lineage important to us anymore?  Do we value those who have gone before us and what may have been done?

Well here’s the thing, the names here – 14 generations, 14 generations and another 14 – a significant number in the Jewish thinking (and no, I don’t know the significance off the top of my head, sorry) – well they include individuals whose stories are scattered throughout the bible.

So it’s not just names that we are given – it’s the stories, the people behind the names that we are shown.  This IS the story of Jesus and the significant, fallible people who made up his ancestry and lineage (and that’s on Joseph’s line).  In another gospel we are shown Mary’s lineage.  But this is why we have the Bible – it IS the story of Jesus.

But if God is the Father then why should it matter what Joseph’s lineage is? Well it matters because (spoilers) God made promises to Abraham in the beginning that these things would be fulfilled by his descendants.  Looking forward, looking back – foresight, hindsight and knowing the bigger picture.

These days we have technology that removes the man from being a “father”.  Anyone can parent a child.  But the other important thing is that Joseph was chosen as a man worthy enough to be a Dad to Jesus as he grew into manhood and as an older brother to the family.  Joseph was significant to Jesus’ life – not just his lineage.

Not only did Joseph do as the angel said in taking this pregnant girl as his wife he chose not to sleep/have sex with her until their role was done as delivering the son of God.  So Mary and Joseph knew beyond any doubt that this was a miracle unfolding and they had no part in it.

We don’t know if they lived together during the pregnancy but (spoilers) Mary certainly went with Joseph to Bethlehem for the census, as would his family.  It was probably an interesting arrangement they had dealing with this pregnancy and this promise of God growing before their eyes.


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