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Day 1 – Genesis 1

6 January, 2015

January 1

Genesis 1

Creation in a nutshell and bullet points

Day 1

God made light and darkness

Day 2

God separated water and made sky

Day 3

God gathered the water and made dry land with vegetation on it

Day 4

God created the heavens as we know it – sun, moon, stars and planets to give light to the earth and separate light from darkness

Day 5

God created sea creatures, living creatures and birds in the water

Day 6

God said the earth was to bring forth living creatures and beasts.  Then God said “Let us” make mankind in “their” image – just like the three aspects of Him.  He gave “man” the vegetation to eat and likewise with the animals.

It was now “very good” and God approved

Now I understand that there are folk out there who believe in creation and others who believe in evolution.  What’s to say that the two are not completely exclusive to the other?

Bear with me… There was no 24 hour clock happening until day 4 and even then (as we’ll see later) the length of time may be different to our current thinking – since our calendar originated in Rome. Granted it’s probably not going to have been wholly different – the sun rises and the sun sets to give us our current units of measurement.

But it’s possible that things “evolved” in a way similar to the Darwinian theories out there.  The only holes in that theory are where are the missing links, where are the transition points, where are the “in between bits” now?

Anyway, they are just questions that run through my head on occasion.  I am a believer in God, so I am happy to wait and find out the truth from Him when the time comes.  Sure I can know more about different aspects but knowledge alone isn’t enough.

Continuing on, we see that we were created vegan – now that’s a whole other debate – why do we have canine teeth, why do we have meat eaters and herbivores in our world – again – holes but I’m not sweating the small stuff.

More so I am loving the whole imagery of God brooding, God speaking, sky separating, land forming, light moving, animals growing, creatures swarming, and just life in all it’s amazing wonders coming into being.

Stop for a moment and think that animals have 4 legs, head, back and tails but the designs within that model are vast.  Some have long noses, long tongues, long necks and long legs.  Others have short legs, long tails and big ears.  Eyes are in various places on the heads, some even have false eyes in their patterns.  Some are slow and plod.  Others are lithe and graceful.  Some animals move so fast it takes specialist equipment to catch glimpses of them.  Some animals favour the light and others favour the dark.

Diversity in nature is amazing.  I haven’t travelled much in my life as some people have done and for some reason the worldwide programs on the tv focus more on animal diversity than flora and plant life (that I’ve seen).  But even the plants that I have seen are just as diverse – Most have a root, most have leaves but then the wonder happens.

We know so little about the medicinal benefits of plant life.  We are still discovering parts of the earth that our fragility is unable to see without technology and help.

So just pause for a moment and just think of the natural world around you – it’s amazing.  You are amazing and we have been blessed to be able to communicate so much more than animals and plants around us to be able to see so much more than what is within our reach – to the microscopic.

Selah – pause and think on this…


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