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Physical symptoms

14 October, 2014

Yeah, it’s been a while. Sorry. Some days good, some days great but certainly on the more positive in many ways.

However, a curve ball hit…

I went to the GP for a script and while there he decided to run a battery of blood tests – now that I’m getting old (he informed me)! Sheesh!

Off I toddled around the corner for the bloods, craving a coffee but we’d run out of milk or something preventing me from having my start to the day.

Bloods done I ate and had a yummy coffee and didn’t really think much else of it. I even ignored the mail that came from the surgery believing it to be a reminder to pay for that consult. Oops.

As it turned out I’d to make another appointment for another matter and I was given my earlier blood results. I was told to give up alcohol (I don’t drink), chips and other delicacies that affect cholesterol. Hmm… He then went on to tell me that I was anaemic, with very low iron and red blood count.

I had gone to him of the belief that I was perhaps suffering from a stomach ulcer – which I had conveniently Dr Googled earlier in the week. Why I’d suspected that was due to the most violent attacks of explosive belching and it had been getting worse and worse in recent weeks and days to the point of everything I ate (including plain hot chips) were setting me off.

So he sent me for another blood tests to re-check my iron levels and orders to do an occult blood test – now that isn’t for the faint hearted – playing with your poo. Of course not being prepared for this I’m not sure how good the scrap samples will turn out. That I find out this afternoon.

What I do know is that being anaemic makes so much sense. I’ve been told I look pale – deathly white even. When I get up from sitting or crouching (especially) I feel my blood pressure hit my shoes and feel very light headed. I’m exhausted by lunchtime – my eyes stinging tired and I’ve also been puffed at what I would have thought was fairly moderate exercise/movement.

Wondering more about the stomach ulcer I’ve been told that I may need to have a colonoscopy – my immediate fear is that a good friend of mine just had one and he’s had a chunk of his bowel cut out and the last year of chemo to deal with. Worst case scenario.

The other suggestion was an endoscopy – my only positive with this is that I’d be asleep for the tube going down my throat! The bad news… We don’t have private health cover and the waiting list could be months.

I was told to get my life in order and get health insurance for hubby and I as we start falling apart from our 40’s onwards! Ha!!

Only last week I’d got up from bed, almost passed out, propped myself against the wall before continuing downstairs and promptly losing my footing on the second flight and crash landing on my butt, breaking a nail and injuring my pride as I let out a yell. Family didn’t quite come running but asked if I was ok. I’m still nursing a tender derriere! How do I ask for an xray of a coccyx?

Hubby on the otherhand is also invalid – he went running in the dark with a couple of friends and wrenched his ankle in a pothole. Cleaning his bloody knee was more fun that it should have been as I trimmed off tattered skin strips and exposed fresh and bloody flesh with soaked cotton wool in warm water followed by hydrogen peroxide and much yelping (which thankfully daughter got on video).

The next morning with hubby nursing a grapefruit sized ankle I insisted on him going to the hospital to rule out a fracture. Turned out he’d snapped off the end of his fibula and was put into a temporary cast and he got to play with our crutches. Now at least he’s in a camboot but still predominately on the crutches. Fun times!

The night I found out about the bloods and the possibility of being scoped at both ends I lay in bed, having not told hubby yet, and talked to God. I don’t know what this journey will mean, whether it’s a brief detour or a journey of a different kind (my mum was 40 when she began her cancer journey and was dead by 53). What I did do was tell God that I trusted Him and would continue to trust Him on this path.

Hubby does now know and I haven’t decided if I want him in with me for the second blood results and occult results or if I want to hear about it alone and then call him in.

Holding on for eternity


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