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Appointments for appointments and appointments…

12 August, 2014

I feel like an ass. Under the control of the puppet master. Today I have an appointment made for the Doctor to give my daughter the Mental Health Care plan under Medicare to have up to 10 appointments with the psychologist.

That’s this morning. This afternoon I found out hubby has made an appointment to see our GP about his bad back – half an hour after that I have reluctantly made an appointment for me to see the same GP in relation to my meds/not meds and general situation – IF I can get clear from work on time.

The thing is I don’t want to see hubby at the clinic which is stupidly making me think of hiding the car as our GP is always running late and I don’t even want to bump into hubby in the car park – making him believe he’s won.

It’s bad enough that I feel like a child being told what to do – “See a doctor, don’t see a doctor.” “See a psychologist, don’t see a psychologist” “Go to marriage counselling, don’t go to marriage counselling” – ok the marriage counselling I had to initiate.

I woke last night at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep even with a mug of warm milk. Funnily enough I feel less emotionally wrought than I did yesterday. As for yesterday evening at home – that’s a whole other story…

Off to the doc take 1


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