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Withdrawal symptoms

28 July, 2014

The only upshot of a poor sleep is the dreaming I get to do although last night’s dreams were weird in that they played like a movie of a murder with plot twists, multiple characters and interesting sets.

In bed, I was fine, but having gotten up my head seems to be spinning at every opportunity and it just takes an eye movement to exacerbate the spin. I can only put it down to being off the meds completely day 2.

In work this morning though I also appeared to be challenged with cold sweats and I honestly didn’t know if I should put my cardigan on or take it off. Even now I feel chilled to the bone in my office.

On top of all that I feel bone tired. Like I could curl up and sleep tired. On Saturday I even had a nap and I haven’t had one of those in ages. I’d love to take days off work but have commitments most days and to be honest work is something to do and a distraction.

As for my mood, I don’t feel any different. No more/less empathic, enthusiastic or anything else.

I bought a coffee at lunchtime and when I took my first sip I almost gagged. It was horrible. I continued to sip it hoping it would get better but it didn’t and there is no way I could have finished it as it was.

I brought it back to the shop and explained my issue wondering if the meds might have affected my tastebuds too and that would have devastated me. Thankfully my replacement coffee, while having similar notes wasn’t hideous.

I also noticed that this weekend I appeared to be ravenous and my appetite seemed to be smaller and smaller on 100mg Pristiq. If I do get my appetite back I will have to be very careful as to what I eat. Oh the joys!

Is the day over yet?


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