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The last to know

9 July, 2014

I found out tonight that my Uni boy got 2 commendables and 2 distinctions in his first semester this year.

I don’t know when he found out but I’m hurt how I found out. I happened to go onto my Echofon (the Twitter app I use) and saw my hubby’s update.

I then flicked over to Facebook where I have his feed hidden due to a plethora of shipping news I wasn’t interested in.

The same status with tags is there. Did I get a phone call? No. Did I get a text message asking me to call either of them? No. Nothing. Silence.

All hubby’s Facebook friends “liking” the status and a few congratulatory comments.

I’m hurt. Hurt that neither told me. Mostly hurt that hubby didn’t tell me. I mean our son doesn’t blow his own trumpet and it wouldn’t be like him to phone and brag.

And I’m angry. I feel like putting up a snarky response. I feel like sending a spitting text. I feel like hurting him back by being mean.

I really do want to end it all. On him being so self centred that he wouldn’t share this news with me. To allow us a moment of pride in our son who chose to move away from home to study.

Has our relationship sunk so low that we can’t even share high points?



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