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Lessons of a train ride

4 July, 2014

It’s Day 5 of Hillsong Conference 2014 which means the fourth full day of sessions begins.

My son and I travelled from interstate on Monday morning so we’re both getting past our best in regards to energy levels and enthusiastic wake ups.

So the alarm goes off (as normal for midweek) at 0640hrs. I hit snooze a couple of times before I pick up my phone finally and squint at the overly bright screen (on a dim brightness setting).

I dress first while his diva lies longer. Then he’s up and we can go. We’re later than I’d have liked. Legs pumping we go to our first intersection and wait for a green man.

I’m impatient to get moving but when I do my unfed calves scream at me. Another intersection and finally we stop at Single Origin on Reservoir St, Surry Hills (my saving grace in the mornings).

Legs pumping again we stride up to the crossing to get us to Central Station. Again, pedestrian lights are so slow! Calves burn and we hurry to our platform (18).

A train on 18 has it’s doors closed and I resign that I’ve missed it. I never even acknowledged that the train on platform 19 might have been going my way.

My son points it out to me just as it’s doors closed. A lost opportunity. Now feeling even later than ever I have to calm myself down as I am now subject to the train schedule which runs to its own beat.

I watch and listen as it seems train after train after train come to platforms 18 and 19. None of them go to Lidcombe. I have to go to Lidcombe to connect to Olympic Park.

Each train is going to Redfern and I contemplate jumping on one impatient to be moving. Apart from that being over anxious I know I will eventually get to my destination if I wait. I’m still impatient.

Finally our train. I’ve jumped up off my seat as a train behind me made me think it was my train but ours is coming too.

Then I sit on our train. Again I have to be patient. I’m going to my destination and I have to just allow the train do it’s thing as it follows speed limits, goes through stations without stopping and stops where it’s meant to.

In my own strength I can’t get the train to go faster. In my own strength I can’t go faster than the train. I have to just rest (and blog) and seize the opportunity and make the time productive anyway.

Finally we get to Lidcombe and it’s time to transfer trains. The last couple of mornings we got to the platform and seemed to wait for an age to leave.

I know I’ve missed the “breakfast revelation”. I know I’ll be late for the morning songs but I know I’ll have a good seat and hear an amazing speaker when I get there.

If I had gotten all worked up and anxious it would only steal from my enjoyment of my morning. It would have tainted my beautiful latte. It would have made me miss the sunshine. It would have made me miss being in the moment.

Staying in the moment.


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