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Getting on everyone’s nerves

31 May, 2014

Stress levels were high this morning. A not so good sleep for me but a lie in nonetheless.

Hubby had gotten up leaving his phones by the bed. I heard him bang around the shed doors and chose then to check his phones.

Funny how there were Facebook messages where now there were none. Suspicion grows that he’s either hiding them or there’s in fact nothing to hide.

I got a latte brought up to me and I read my new library book in bed. Warm, snug, under the covers in an otherwise chilly room. My plan had been to stay there for longer.

The eldest had other plans and dragged me out into the city where we grabbed a coffee, window shopped, caught up with friends and talked piercings and I could finally get us homeward bound.

I knew I was stressed. This wasn’t how I wanted my day to be. In the car going down the driveway I heard my hubby’s text tone. Stress levels rose.

I knew it’d be a whinge at me going out without saying where I was going, asking him to drive us or saying goodbye.

Why you might ask did I do none of those things? Truth is neither I wanted him or really wanted to go but neither did the eldest want anything to do with him and feeling like I couldn’t say that to hubby the stress levels rose.

I could feel my forehead furrow with tension. I wasn’t fully enjoying our hang time. I just wanted out of there but for what? Tension at home?!

I brought a biscuit home from the city to our youngest boy. It was in its brown bag on the counter for 5 minutes unattended when our tabby decided she’d have some and broke into the bag.

Our daughter had a hold of her when I slapped her fat head (the cats’) and our daughter got claws dig into her. That has pretty much been the last I saw of either of them all day.

Our daughter has been in her room only coming down to eat and shouts at me whenever I tried to go near her to apologise. Stress levels rise.

Final straw. I break my son’s confidence by blurting out in frustration at hubby’s badgering that the eldest didn’t want him with us today.

No one else can talk and I hear reflecting and “you upset me” in a scripted way once too often. Hubby finally decides to open Fridays’ mail and throws the debt letter at me in disgust.

He stomps off to his computer. I am beyond stressed and instead of raining hell on everyone I’ve taken myself off to bed with more rescue remedy onboard.

Tomorrow is meant to be church but right now I want to take off from everyone. Of course our daughter just came in asking when were we leaving in the morning and instead of allowing that to patch things I’ve snarled and she’s stomped out again.

What a mess. Just want to curl up and leave.


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