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Back to reality with a bump

21 April, 2014

My first day back in work in weeks after rec leave, carers leave and more rec leave with an international trip which included a marathon, family and a cremation.

I found some of my paperwork missing and struggled to locate it. I had to tell a couple things might not go their way on Wednesday. I finally found my missing paperwork. Damn I needed a coffee!

I left work early after working through lunch to exclamations from family at being home early. Hubby had started boiling down some tomatoes but seemed to leave it mid process.

The kids were squabbling over movies and who gets more than the others.

I decided to make soup with some silver beet we’d received over the weekend. Cries from the family in revolt I was told to add chicken and spice it up.

So I used up some roast potato, parsnip and pumpkin. Threw in some pepper, nutmeg, curry powder and milk and blitzed it.

Alongside the soup I made some Irish brown bread and served it warm with smoked salmon. A hearty autumn meal.

Hubby decides to ask the others at the table if it tastes ok. Nice compliment. He then goes on to be surprised it tasted good and asks what was in it.

Apparently our banter just got snippy though and it was pointed out to us. Hubby then tried to deflect the bad behaviour all on me. He wasn’t allowed get away with that though.

Dinner turned into a farce of bread throwing and salmon playing. Already at my patience limits I leave the table.

So I try and relax. My daughter believes I’m the only person in the house that can remove a spider. I’m done. I stand my ground and she’s gone to her room in a huff. The spider remains where it was.

The dog frustrates me. The cat bugs me. The TV annoys me. I feel stressed. I’ve ditched a book I was reading. I’m not interested in treating myself. I’m suffering a sore top lip with a healing coldsore.

I don’t know if I’m just tired due to a bad night sleep with cats fighting (and fluff being left by hubby who was home all day).

I don’t know if I’m grumpy due to changing back on my meds – hubby’s suggestion.

Whatever it is though I don’t like it. I’ll monitor and evaluate it as I go.

Patience is the key


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