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Reminiscing at “home”

19 April, 2014

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with international flying, a marathon, a cremation and staying with my Dad but more of that on another blog. This one is all about me visiting “home” and seeing things around the house which have memories attached to them.

This picture graced our lounge for many years

A biscuit tin repurposed as a bin

Dad’s shaving mug and squirrel brush

A clothes brush

The liqueur glasses

The first aid tin – Dad cut up cardboard partitions inside to keep things neat

Mum’s sewing basket

Our mountain goat shoehorn

The eye wash glass

The good clothes brush set – used to hang just inside the front door for last minute tidying

Mum’s button tin

My brother painted this – simple and beautiful

I spent much time pouring over the Irish-English dictionaries

One of the occasional vases

The special wine glasses

The special cutlery set

Every Irish home had one of these massive mixing bowls

Dad used to collect a spoon from the cities he visited

The vegetable bowl for large formal family meals

Dad’s mug

Another occasional vase

Mum’s indoor watering can

The everyday salt and pepper set

The Jacobs Cream Cracker barrel – only ever held cream crackers

The bread knife and board

The special dinner cutlery

The everyday dinner ware – grapefruit, butter and cheese knife on Mum’s non-slip mat

Not Mum’s whisk but similar style – Mum’s had bakelite handles

The spatula – used for yummy treats

The thongs – simple design

In the shed

Dad’s plane

More repurposed tins


The glue tins


Battery charger/tester


More tins


Tatty old suitcase with electrical tools


Once in the kitchen it’s now retired


Bits and pieces within


Semi organised


The multi drawer that used to live in the house


Including a tin opener which used to slot onto the kitchen bench


A last


Garden tools used by Mum and Dad


Hand tools used by Mum


Dad’s dress coat


The daily newspaper, Dad’s cloth serviette and napkin ring. We each had our own


An occasional tray


The Walsh coat of arms



The ginger biscuit tin – only ever holds ginger biscuits


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