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A great day!

29 March, 2014

I know. It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged. Things seemed to get really busy with life outside of work.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were intense with tension between hubby and I.

Something flipped on Thursday morning though when I was awake early and had kids fed. Unstressed we left the house and I got hubby to his pickup and kids to school.

I arrived back home and started to prepare pumpkin soup. Once the soup was made, portioned and put in the freezer I then got started on Leek and potato soup.

A coffee was on hand, music playing and me pottering in the kitchen. I haven’t had time like that in forever it felt.

My stress levels were low and when I received my work email saying the position I sought was vacant I sat out on the deck and thought about me really wanting the job and how it excited me.

It also made me feel slightly freaked out and wondering if my application would finally pass muster with those in control.

Well I’ve since got my application in. I have three weeks leave and then I am looking forward to really getting stuck back into things.

In the meantime I’ve started packing. The shopping is done for the most part. Our middlest came home from uni and we celebrated our youngest boy’s 15th birthday.

Things are still fractious between hubby and I. However since looking briefly at The Flag Page Solution and personalities I can see hubby is a Controller.

I know I need to learn more but it helps me to see why we clash so disastrously. It will be interesting to see how we go without the kids for two weeks, intense jetlag and getting together with family.

Holding onto good memories


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