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The blame game

10 January, 2014

It’s now Friday. We had our counselling on Wednesday and H told us to be nice to each other. When you see “nice” I think we interpreted “avoid”.

Yes, I’m guilty of the avoidance tactic but running through my head is that if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say it.

I was criticised for being on my phone permanently so on Wednesday evening I caught up on Facebook halfheartedly from our bedroom, just taking some time out to lick my sores.

It was a dream filled sleep and after last night’s dreams too it would seem fantasy is better than reality!

On morning trips into work alone not much can be said either and hubby was late home too.

So this evening on the way home was our first chance to really talk, awake and not feeling so sore from Wednesday.

Hubby brought up about us giving the middlest one of our cars while he goes off to uni.

As I slowly responded “fine” and was about to continue I was cut off with a barrage of abuse for not talking, for him considering cancelling the counselling, for him even considering pulling out of our upcoming, and paid for, trip to Europe in April.

So I shut up again.

We stopped to buy meat as hubby had asked colleagues to the house tomorrow for a BBQ as he expects to get a promotion and be their team leader.

The kids and I had a farewell for a friend of ours so we’re doing our own thing for most of the day anyway but we’d talked about buying a leg of lamb.

As we went in we spoke about “pulling” it rather than slicing it so I chose a shoulder of lamb instead of the leg. Priced it up (not cheap) and we left with a couple of other things too.

We get back into the car and hubby yells, blames me for changing my mind, causing us to spend more money than he wanted and drives more sharply than required.

Again I fall silent.

Is it too late to get our relationship back? If it stays like this I sure don’t want it!

Wednesday seems so far away for a light at the end of the tunnel. Pay and counselling!

Feeling beaten


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