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Long nails

1 December, 2013

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. My nails have grown so long since they were last done that I have my very own key clicks noise accompany my every use of my iPhone.

I know I could file them down in between manicures but I actually like having a bit of length in them.

So in this last couple of weeks I’ve dealt with the 21 day slump in hormones. It seemed to be earlier than that in some ways though as hubby and I didn’t connect.

We did in fact not take any time out together and come the weekend were too tired and we both seemed to get more fractious because of it.

I woke up over the weekend with the lovely crusty chewy green stuff in my nose heralding a cold. This then hit my glands and I took a couple of days off.

My visit to the doctor was a little surprising but good in that he was quicker to tell me to add antihistamine to my regime than to jump onto antibiotics.

So I’ve held off on the drugs. The green went quickly. I felt I was getting addicted to pain relief and Pseudoephedrine before my pharmacists told me not to overdo the pseudo as it could have the opposite effect on my sinuses and congest me again.

The night before I was due back in work I tossed and turned until 2am before abandoning bed, getting a warm milk and reading downstairs for an hour before finally falling asleep.

Of course I still went to work and was so nervous on my first presentation I read too fast. At least I managed to slow down after that.

Then the work week came to an end. A distinct lack of funds making me feel like a shrew with petrol. A friend’s wedding was on and the eldest wanted to go.

Our daughter, being 13, didn’t want to but got dragged along. It was short. It was sweet. It was simple. In a way it was everything I hated.

Young love. I thought I had that.
Romance. Had some of that.
Friends. Yep. Lots I thought.

I ran (was dragged by daughter) out of there. She is at that awkward “don’t want to talk to anyone” stage and with my current mood was happy to endorse it.

Christmas looms. We’re in December now and my conflicting emotions put me in an emotionally tough place.

Hubby does nothing to help with kids presents. This year is also a little different for gifts as the gift isn’t until the end of January for almost everything, so in reality this year hubby has nothing to do but make bookings.

We are away from family so we don’t have the usual roundup to do on the day so we try and make it a family day with a walk, meal and time spent which could be our last family Christmas together as the boys are growing up and away from home.

Facebook land abounds with friends doing things together. Tv changes to happy smiley functional (and fake) people.

I haven’t run for a couple of weeks now. Great preparation for running a marathon!

A friend of ours asked hubby if he might talk to an employee of theirs who was struggling with depression. Hubby said either he or I would be happy to talk. But again my insecurity and self doubt surfaced. What do I have to offer? I haven’t overcome it myself!

I’m off my food again. Hubby is off his it seems until it’s made convenient for him. Then he’ll have a packet if chips to himself.

And for the last couple of weeks I had also been on 200mg Pristiq in an effort to help me sleep better. I think it just flattened my mood and now I’m coming back down the other side into a period slump.

The doctor seemed surprised the Pristiq did that to me. The joys of fine tuning the chemicals and living with the mood swings that result.

Time to get off my butt, get dinner ready and pretend I’ve actually done something other than read a book and watch Doctor Who all weekend.

And I’m sick of the “key clicks” and misspelled words. Thank God for an intelligent phone!

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