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The weekend and negativity

29 October, 2013

Saturday was a day for me to lounge in pjs for the day. I woke after 10am after taking no meds and a great sleep. Yay! I thought.

Hubby came down and went out to help with sailing on a windy day but he seemed snippy.

My day was spent with kids, DVDs, chocolate and coffee. It was much needed and I had no regrets or guilt until hubby arrived home and yelled.

Then he disappeared into his computer before he finally came into our lounge where he sat on his phone in his usual position.

I went to bed first but couldn’t get to sleep. Hubby came up and fell asleep snoring with every inhale. I left our room and went to the couch.

Sunday morning I told hubby he was on the couch later if he snored. He’s blaming a cold. I’m not so sure.

Sunday the plan was to go out for lunch. Again hubby ensconced himself on the computer and when I asked was he coming he said, “Yes, I’m waiting for you”.

We went out to see the local festival and say goodbye to our friends who were going to Myanmar for a couple of weeks.

Hubby seemed a bit brighter though and as I was feeling guilty for my lazy day Saturday I went out for a run.

I managed 6km at a walk/jog where the first 2km was a very rough and overgrown track before I hit the more stable roadbase. I finished with a more consistent but slow 2km run.

So I fell back on my meds sadly, 50mg Largactil, and headed to bed. I fell asleep eventually but was woken by hubby snoring again. He got booted out and at least went graciously.

He was back in our room first thing in the morning complaining he’d been cold through the night but he’d had a cat on him.

We managed to make it through the work day but I noticed how our disconnected weekend had caused us to be silent together and not a wholly happy silent. It was as if things were left unsaid.

Monday night I again ended up on the couch after booting hubby in the stomach by mistake. He snored through it and when I asked him about getting himself checked by the GP he only turned hostile.

This morning I took the youngest boy to the orthodontist and battled traffic taking hubby to his work and I was quite late then running around.

Work was fine for me, the usual distractional dips into the local newspaper online, Facebook and some Googling.

I escaped for a cake treat at lunchtime followed by the most amazing coffee I’ve had for ages, El Salvador, causing me to escape later for another one!

Hubby at his end though sent through a text saying he had, “lost the will to live”. He didn’t improve as the day went on.

He doesn’t know what’s caused his negative mood. He said he doesn’t sleep well without me next to him. Work morale is at an all time low with redundancies.

I know the broken sleep has me grumpier than normal. My tattoo is at an incredibly itchy stage but it’s all healed. I’m frustrated that I haven’t been able to come off Largactil again.

Hubby knew he should go for a run this evening with his low mood but his running gear was still wet after the weekend away.

I think because he didn’t go out he ended up having an over the top blue with our daughter.

Oh the dramas! I swear he’s more hormonal than me!!


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