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Cranky pants

22 October, 2013

I put them on this morning and they didn’t come off until I’d made it into the office. But first, the re-cap…

Sunday night hubby and I sent the kids off to bed as it was school Monday morning – as usual. Then we went to bed and he fell asleep before me. He claims, now, that he’s fighting a cold. Oh my Lord, did he snore?!

Every nasal inhale he snored. His mouth was shut, his neck flexed but no matter what position he was rolled into with shouts of, “I’m awake!” the snoring would resume. At midnight I just gave up tossing and turning to take myself down to the lounge where I put a rug over me, cardigan on, pillow on my feet, therapy cat in my lap and slept.

I was woken by the middlest getting up for his shower. I gave hubby some dirty looks and replayed his snoring, which he remembered me playing for him at the time. It was my first day back in work after my week off and it took some time to get back into the swing of things – like make my coffee!

Work was fine though, showed off the tattoo to some interested colleagues, caught up with the office shuffles, got on with work as normal and daydreamed that the workday wasn’t finished at 11am.

We got home yesterday evening after stopping to get dinner stuff, butter sauce for prawns and dropping off our DVDs to the store. Shopping to a budget and on home to a gorgeous evening.

Instead of rushing into dinner making I stopped, changed, had a coffee and said “Hi” to the dogs. It was later that I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

I was microwaving a few pappadums when my elbow caught on the open jar of butter (chicken) sauce. It splashed over the cupboard doors, my trouser leg and sock and onto the floor. The jar didn’t break and when I grabbed it there was about a third of the contents left.

Did I cry, no. Did I yell, no. In fact what I did was get one of our dogs to lick up what they could. I then continued to use the dregs of the jar, some cream, a tin of tomatoes and some curry paste to give it some taste.

It looked fine but with my gloopy rice and bland butter prawns I was devastated. I ate half of mine, gave the rest to the dog bowl, cleaned up the cupboards where the dog didn’t reach and took myself off upstairs with a coffee.

Unfortunately it was a bit too chilly of a spring evening to enjoy sitting out with a soggy sock (from the sauce vomiting on it). I did take a magical picture of the sunset though. Then I sat on my bed and my daughter joined me for some inane chatter time, which is just what I needed.

When it was finally bed time it had been pre-ordained that hubby, if he snored again, would take the couch. I tried to fall asleep before him but I had also taken less Largactil (in my effort to stop them) and was having trouble falling asleep.

Surprise surprise he was snoring again. At least he left the bed to sleep downstairs. The only thing that disturbed me then was a cat he must have left out. ‘Zac made his way up onto the roof and our deck and was crying outside the door. As soon as he was in though he nestled into my legs and we fell asleep again.

Hubby came back to bed sometime early morning and I heard our daughter’s alarm going off. Next thing I know hubby is asking me if I’m getting up, at 7.10am. My phone didn’t charge overnight and was dead as a doornail.

Even when I fiddled with it it didn’t want to charge. Then hubby asked me to drop him off to work as we were late leaving (which would make me almost 30 minutes late for my work if I could find a park quickly).

Traffic irritated me, drivers were going SO slow in my lane, there was no point in lane hopping as I needed this one to turn off. Hubby yelled at me as the car ahead tapped their brakes! Argh! I was over the morning already!

As I had to ask hubby which way was best at that hour of the morning I got ratty, he got stressed and he ended up getting out of the car without a kiss. I took off to work and was lucky to find my usual space vacant.

Thankfully the cranky pants didn’t come into work with me though. I will have to watch my mood though with the sleep deprivation as I don’t have more leave booked formally until April 2014 and I don’t want to be worn down by then.

I will also keep an eye on the Largactil dosage and see how everything goes with all of that. Foremost in my mind now is a damned Psychology assignment due, running kids left right and centre over the next couple of days and getting into the whole marathon training routine.

One step…


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