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11 October, 2013

I’m a bag of them as I start my leave of a week off work. I’m starting it with a trip to Melbourne.

First up though is saying goodbye to the kids and pets. I’m not entirely sure which was harder!

I woke at 3am last night and so did hubby. He proceeded to watch some old footage of Dave Allen, an Irish comedian who died in 2005.

An hour later and a warm milk I managed to get back to sleep until around 8am.

This is what I woke to:

KC sitting on my chest

A short while later I was joined by Mocha with my coffee and morning catchup on Facebook.

He doesn’t normally snuggle like this but neither do we hang around bed for slow wake ups either.

So I go down to the kids and we watch Thor. Watching an über buff Chris Hemsworth reminded me of a rather nice dream I woke up to!

Time to change the bed, finish packing for the weekend and say goodbyes.

We leave and my nervousness grows. The kids are being supervised by their big brother for the first time we’ve gone away.

All of them capable kids I try and banish my fears and hope they don’t argue while we’re gone.

We take my coffee machine in to be serviced and I pray it will be fixed on my arrival back home on Tuesday.

Time to relax at our coffee shop and my last local reliable coffee for the weekend! I must think melbourne doesn’t sell good coffee!

Time ticks by and we go and meet with our friends M & R. They’re already into the wine and I know it will be disastrous if I have any on an empty stomach.

So what is it I’m nervous about? Leaving the kids? Missing the dogs? Missing the babies (cats)? Being away for a whole weekend with M & R (who are quite mad, virtual strangers, new friends, wine drinkers and did I say mad?)?

I’m also nervous about my run on Sunday. Can I actually run 5.7km on virtually no training? Can hubby actually run his marathon?

Then there’s my tattoo. The eldest says if I hate it don’t do it. Just tell them. It’ll be ok.

I think I’d rather just be able to see a sketch and mull over it a little. I’m not sure I can even recall the pics I sent for some concept ideas.

Then there’s an overnight with my brother. I feel like I’ve so little to say to people anymore. Especially when I’m sleep deprived.

I’m not expecting a great sleep after my tattoo. I’m not expecting great sleep prior to the run as the nervous brain ticks on. I don’t want to drug myself to sleep so it could be a rough couple of days.

I’m on the plane now and my eyes ache, my stomach is yearning for some food and my head will soon start to ache for a coffee.

I’m a lost cause! Should have brought my dog and my coffee machine!!


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