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Moving on to impatience

6 October, 2013

It’s Sunday evening. I want the week to be over. I want to be past my 5.7km run and I want to get my tattoo already!!

Yesterday I dropped the eldest out in preparation for a wedding he was attending. The morning had started with a lie in and then watching The Help but I’d to leave halfway through.

As I came home to relax for a while I found I was getting more and more irritated and I questioned myself as to why.

I came up with a couple of reasons – I was going out to celebrate our eldest’s birthday with his friends at a burger bar and felt like I was clock watching until we were to leave.

I’m looking forward to a week off work and this week is a short work week – Monday to Thursday and then interstate Friday afternoon for a crazy weekend with friends, hubby and him running a marathon and me running the 5.7km run.

Then there’s the Monday when I lose my tattoo virginity. Strangely enough I’m looking forward to it but more than that I have actually planned for my second tattoo on my other shoulder. One that kicks depression’s butt!

Impatient as I’ve gotten I knew I had to do a run this weekend. Hubby and I bailed on a run yesterday as it was really windy. Today though we did one.

I set my bedside clock ahead an hour for daylight saving (spring forward), a good solid sleep aware of my cat snuggled up in my legs, I woke at 10am.

10am!! Really 11am in the new time. Next thing I get a series of texts from the eldest. He’s hungover and wants a lift home.

Coffee, tablets, Facebook and then we get up to go for a run. Hubby does his run and I go with our daughter. There are hills so we mostly run the flats and downhills.

I wonder if I can run the whole 5.7km next Sunday but I’ll do what I can motivated by the runners around me and walk when I need to before running again. I can do this! I’m also looking forward to running the river and into the MCG.

So I just want to be in next week already!! I want some city life, lots of coffee, good food, great company and some time out of the normal routine.

It’s going to be a good week.


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