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Reading and escapism – what’s it started?!

1 October, 2013

I’m currently reading (and loving for the second time) Susan Duncan’s Salvation Creek, An Unexpected Life.

As I read the book, I presume like all her readers, I am drawn to Scotland Island, Lovett Bay and Church Point. Drawn to the people who live there, drawn to the solitude and the crazy customs of dog racing on Christmas Eve in the summer.

I read about her battle with chemotherapy, her losses and her friendships. I want to be a part of that select community.

So much that I’ve been drawn into this world I look up and look up offshore properties!

I’m drawn so much into another world that I don’t bat an eyelid when hubby tells me that he wants to apply to a marine consultant position in, of all places, Canberra!

Reading a bit more of my book on a day off sick from work after a woeful night’s sleep I am distracted by thoughts of Canberra.

I’ve been there once, alone, on my motorbike with a police Wall to Wall ride. I didn’t ride far on my own in the city and struggled to find a cafe strip like back home due to my ignorance of the suburbs.

What I saw, I liked. It seemed mostly flat. Wide streets, trees, Lake Burley Griffin, the memorial strip, government and Floriade.

I remember fondly finding a market where I bought real pasta, amazing sauces, the most flavoursome curry powder base mixes and packing the food into already full panniers.

The idea doesn’t freak me out until I realise that moving house would mean maybe losing pets, our home with a stunning view and space and maybe leaving Tasmania behind forever.

Being on the mainland has so many positives. 3 hours from Sydney. 1 hour something to Batemans Bay and the sea. Being part of an international community has some appeal again.

Pie in the sky dreams I know but isn’t that how they start?

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