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Speed bump

12 September, 2013

Work today was a mixed bag. A reprimand for being overly familiar on email. Unfortunately the way it came about might have been handled a bit better but I’ll get over it.

Work speed took a decrease though. Our supervisor, when asked, said I should have asked for help, I shouldn’t stress if work doesn’t get done, it’s not my fault or responsibility to staff the area – it’s the upper management’s job to get the staff. Easier said than done when you have a strong work ethic.

I finished work 15 minutes early to go to our GP. Did I feel guilty? Not in the slightest. Arrived at the GP, hubby already in there and I got ambushed. We should be having sex. It’s good for hubby. It’s good for me. Not doing it isn’t good or normal. The longer I go without the less likely I will want to.

I was feisty back. He then got me going on “manflu” and how it’s a real condition, that men have weaker immune systems than women. As we left we had a barny about Freud. Ah that man (the GP not Freud)!!

Thing is his comments hit me like a brick. That and a long day over. Hubby asked what was wrong with me. I just thought I’d reached my limit.

The middlest drove home thankfully and once home I jumped in a scalding hot shower.

After I got out of the shower my daughter brought me my parcel my Dad had sent over. I was looking forward to chips and chocolate.

What I got though sadly disappointed me. A measly 4 little bars of one of my favourite chocolate biscuit bars. The chocolate was for my daughter which is just as well as it is English and tastes more like the Aussie Cadburys.

It’s stupid. It’s mean of me. I hate that I’m so particular that I don’t get the enjoyment I should have done from this gift. My Dad doesn’t get my missing the home flavours.

But I was also tired, overwhelmed, brain dead and the day wasn’t over. I made dinner for the family but was at a loss to eat myself.

Tiredness does not make a good coping mechanism.

One more day


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