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Father’s Day

1 September, 2013

It’s Father’s Day in half the world. My Facebook and Instagram is littered with friends expounding how amazing their husbands and Dads were and are.

Me? I feel the disconnect of my Dad. The breakdown of a relationship when I felt let down as a kid. We talk now and then but we’ve never been close.

As for my husband all I seem to be able to see is how bad a job he’s done. Where are the good father things he’s done? Are there any highlights?

Our daughter is hurt because the middlest and youngest boy went out with him on rescue this morning. Where is her invite she wonders.

So we’re sitting in the lounge alone in our PJ’s watching movies – Hitch and now Quartet. Chick flicks that only seem to depress with the unrealistic expectations professed.

Maybe I just stay off Facebook and not see the amazing Dads who have laughing smiling pics with their kids. Wives who adore their man and how wonderful a leader they are.

My life is a Swiss cheese. Full of gaping holes. Without the tasty flavour!

I looked into moving out with the next pay. $90 a night in a shitty little cabin.

I thought about going out for a motorcycle ride today with my daughter but I’m feeling in a destructive and dangerous mood. I smashed a bowl in frustration last night.

Safer if I stay home.


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