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Sliding back down

26 August, 2013

After picking up following Friday night, hubby whispered to me last night about taking a day off today just to spend it together without the kids.

This morning I got world war three as I told the kids one by one that we wouldn’t be meeting them at work as usual but they’d be getting the bus home. The middlest having a hissy fit that it upset his schedule was the final insult.

Hubby and I dropped the kids in our usual route and then parked the car for a walk along the bluff and beach nearby. Then we treated ourselves to breakfast, catch up with friends and then home for a movie.

As we watched the movie hubby moved into my space (the no-go zone) and my hackles rose. He then tried snuggling closer and asked if we could share a spa bath. Nope, not interested.

Then my mood started to drop. I felt emotionally crowded and was just seeking some space in myself.

I put my sunglasses on and my dogs took this as a hint I was going out. I went and sat on the deck outside our door in the sunshine as the dumb blonde squealed in his giddiness anticipating a possible walk or drive.

After a while of uncontrollable excitement the blonde jumped up on me bowling me over onto the deck. Such a dope.

I was trying to take a photo for today being ‘Entrance’ – a reflection of a pie in a dog’s eye – entrance to the soul but the dog didn’t cooperate and I received a text, our daughter was off the bus – I’d forgotten what time it arrived.

I ended up running down to our local store for my photoaday, not buying anything because I didn’t bring my wallet and heading back home.

Then the noise started. Daughter talking, Dad telling her to keep her voice down, rubbish on tv (kids tv), dinner time (told to make one thing and then found out we didn’t have the ingredients).

I noticed that I was asking where things were when they were in front of me. I put a water bottle under the tap to fill and was then wondering what the noise was as it overflowed (twice!).

My coffee machine has been acting up for weeks. I think I finally found the cause – a leaking seal. The frustration I had been feeling every time I made a coffee (what should have been relaxing) was growing each time I tried to make an extraction to have grounds and water spray everywhere.

I hate silence ordinarily but I feel like that’s what I need now – silence, or possibly just music.

Hubby got grumpy asking me what I was doing on my phone as apparently I’d been on it for two hours – I don’t know how he could say that when I’d been gone from his company for half an hour!

Then our daughter got grumpy at me for supposedly not paying her attention. Everyone seeking my attention and where am I in all of it?!

I didn’t eat dinner tonight – is it some kind of self punishment?

I can’t wait to get away from everyone and work tomorrow!


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