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Work and procrastination

17 August, 2013

Last Sunday I had to drop the eldest into work and my daughter and I went for my first run in years. My aim was a kilometre but after 300m my body gave up.

So I walked 100m and then jogged 100m, walked 100m, ran 200m, walked 100 and ran the final 100m before getting towards some steps and our turning point.

I did similar then on the way back, this time on the beach to finish just over 2.2km. Then for hours afterwards I coughed up a lung, sneezed and had a runny nose for a couple of days.

I tell ya, running is bad for your health!!

Work has been busy. Mornings spent in the office to start. Then in to view the other side of things for an hour or so and then back to the desk job for the rest of the day.

It’s mostly enjoyable but there are moments in the day where my brain has gone to mush and I stare at the computer screen asking myself “What am I doing?!”

Friday morning though, oh my Lord! What happened?! I woke and felt like a truck had hit me. I thought it was Monday!!

I thought working through the week of five days was meant to get easier after Wednesday (hump day). Boy was I wrong!

Then when I caught up with the eldest for a coffee I heard news that a friend had been caught drink driving and knowing he’s fond of the beer I later found out it was a rather high reading.

I was more upset and sad for the family than I thought I’d be. While it’s certainly not a death in the family I felt like it’s a sharp wake up call for him. I hope it encourages him off the booze for everyone’s sake.

Then I read of a young man whom I’d taken into my heart a few years ago. He’d lived with a trusted friend for a year, was baptised by me on a local beach, returned to school and then threw it all away and is now in prison.

I didn’t think I’d be faced with this in my role. In many ways I felt as sad for these two people as if they were my own family when in reality I barely knew them.

In one way I felt as if that’s a tiny glimpse of what God must feel towards His kids when we miss the mark but He still loves us.

I missed my daughter coming to see me in work after school as she went straight to youth. But soon it was time for home and then out again to watch our youngest boy play in training band with his school.

For high school music I was a bit dubious as to the standard. There were a couple of flat and painful songs but then there were some absolutely stunning performances.

Bed was never so welcoming and a 9am gradual wake up was amazing but once my cat heard I was awake he jumped on me to pat my face, hands and iPhone for some personal attention.

So Saturday loomed and my procrastination grew. I have an assignment due on Friday next and I can’t get the motivation to even start it. Then I feel bad but that mood persists and I still don’t get it moving.

Then I get this soul leaning on me:

Maybe if I leave it all just one more day?!


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