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Progress report – Wiped

4 August, 2013

Friday I was meant to be thrown into the deep end for my first time in my new role.

A brief catch up in the morning, some late (and confusing) last minute additions, revision for what was in store and my offsider seemed a little stressed as we made our way to the “office”.

As my offsider pointed out though it was that last minute dreaded thought that you’d “forgotten your pen” as we walked over.

As it turned out the last minute additions grew. I’m so glad my offsider knew what to look for as we churned through our work.

All I ended up doing was writing up notes after each set and the morning flew along with no break. I’m glad I’d gotten into work early to start the day with porridge and a coffee.

A last minute changeover and I’d the afternoon free to do my post-morning wrap up. So much for me thinking I could revert to my other tasks for the afternoon!

Now I’ve to pour over some legislation to see what I’ve missed out on (if anything).

Friday evening it was home for a short time before dropping kids to youth. The middlest opting to stay home and study. So hubby came along too.

Kids dropped, we went to a pub that didn’t have a huge crowd but had a HUGE noise. So loud I turned around and we left.

Into the next pub and we got a seat at the bar with our backs to a roaring fire. What transpired then seemed to go from bad to worse as we became a silent married couple.

Hubby didn’t seem to be making much talk and I was looking around. The few times I looked at him though he had an awkward look on his face that made me uncomfortable.

Gone was the easy conversation. Gone was the camaraderie that we used to have. We didn’t even talk about work or the kids.

A painful hour later and we left to get some shopping. Then we waited on the kids. He surfing pics on his phone and me doing my bible study. Oh dear

What have we come to when being together seems so awful? Hubby wasn’t relaxed around me and I don’t feel I can talk about my job in detail. While its not confidential I don’t feel it’s my place to gossip.

Saturday dawned and with it the grumpy arguments began. Hubby was busy cleaning the kitchen area and I was struggling with exhaustion and a sore throat.

Soon it was time to go out and get last minute things for dinner and as we drove through the gate saw our dumb blonde (retriever) bolt down the driveway.

The dumb blonde

A few minutes after sitting there we went down to the bins and the idiot dog was running around chasing smells in the air ignoring my calls to “come”.

Hubby got really grumpy though telling me to stop calling him (I don’t know why) but he then continued to snarl “She just won’t stop, will she?!”

I don’t know who he was railing at then so I walked up the driveway as the dog is usually gone off for 20 minutes when he bolts.

Up I trudged and hubby drove up as I walked. As I went up our beagle ran down the drive, nose stuck to a smell on the ground as he ran along past me to join our other rebel.

Innocence lying next to me

I went into the house to wait for the dogs to return and after a while the eldest came in and had a Baileys and then my daughter hassled us to leave.

I called the dogs and one was seen bolting along the driveway. I went to walk along and hubby eventually caught up with me in the car but I was trying to get the collar back on the dolt.

The dog ran away as I tried to clip his collar back on and hubby did crazy wheel spins as he turned the car around.

Believing he was still annoyed with me I walked to get the collar on finally to find hubby had walked off leaving the car and kids dumped on the driveway.

Feeling as wretched as I did physically and now emotionally I told him to cancel the evening dinner date. I wanted nothing to do with him.

In the end though I accomplished all we’d set out to do. We bought tempura mushrooms to share (I blinked and my youngest boy had inhaled them!), dagwood dogs, twistie potatoes and then dropped my daughter off to her friends for the afternoon.

I got home and made a pumpkin soup, sliced up potatoes for a potato bake and washed veggies. Dinner was done. I wouldn’t make profiteroles as I’d planned. I went to lie down and rest.

Dinner wasn’t so bad, especially as hubby took over much of the conversation. It wasn’t a late night and I wasn’t stressed. We’d got over our little spat earlier.

Oh for a lie in on a Sunday morning! 9am I was fully woken with a phone call from a friend. She needed some advice and reassurance.

Hubby suggested a walk but I was tired and my eyes still ache now at 4pm. My throat still feels swollen and I still have a cough. I’m such a wuss. Sniff

Hubby went for a run and seemed to be in a desperate rush to get out the door with him getting louder and louder in his frustration. He texted to say he wasn’t angry though, just venting before he has a heart attack.

Our middle boy lost it with the eldest today too. Turns out he’s not dealing with his recent breakup and as a result not coping in everything else in life that upsets him.

Hoping the madness subsides.


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