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A better day

26 July, 2013

Today I took on learning a new task that I have to do in my current role.

Ordinarily I won’t have to do it too often but I think I’ll try practicing the process a couple of times a week just to keep it fresh in my head.

Once I’d learnt the process by watching twice I had a go myself and then found my feet.

What I found interesting about it was that I’d been “counselled” that if I found the process confusing to ask for help as the trainer wasn’t used to training and could be a bit hard to understand.

I found her to be lovely. She worked the same way I did and spoke in “function keys” (F7 or F2 kind of talk).

The whole point was that she didn’t rush me. I didn’t rush her and when I was having some problems we nutted it out, setting up printers and honing the process.

Maybe I’m more of a data processor than I thought. I do like the whole trackable progress thing with a pile of work moving from A to B in a tangible way.

Lunchtime saw me meet up with the eldest for coffee. We sorted out a banking issue and bumped into friends. Back to work then and I flew through the newly learnt processes.

Tomorrow I get to do it all from scratch and hopefully we don’t have any problems. I’m pleased that my colleague’s priority in the morning is coffee though.

So doing an essential and useful part of the process in work has given me a pep in my step. Although this morning as I walked back to hubby in the car with some money I “had a face like thunder”.

Another quip was after he’d tried to give me a clingy hug in the supermarket and I reacted to it badly (it was like a needy kid and just weird time-wise and location). I was then a “cold-hearted bitch!”

I guess he’s not dealing with his grief very well and as a result I’m not dealing with him very well. I’m kinda glad I’m working tomorrow.

Time to wrap up a better day.


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