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Grey day

22 July, 2013

It’s been a very grey and uneventful day.

A morning spent watching a very droll Harrison Ford in Morning Glory in what turned out to be a rather nice movie.

A tax return done for the year. Correctly I hope!!

Then a trip to the post office to mail off a couple pairs of motorbike jeans to their new homes.

This was stressful. There was no fuel in the car so when I got to the station I asked them to pre charge my card to make sure I’d the money. Then the same at the post office.

Thankfully all of that was ok but again I had a glimpse of how grey my mood was.

Dare I say it but the thought of a 4wd crash ran through my head. The roads were slick with heavy rain and I stopped to put the crazy beast into 4wd so it’d calm down on the road.

So why these thoughts? Someone else who is part of FatMumSlim photoaday said their mood was as grey as our topic today – “grey”.

It was a seriously miserable morning. Rain, low grey clouds but I was home, warm, fire going, movie on with my kids who were off school another day.

Was my mood just low due to the weather? I know it’s not unheard of to have seasonal depression and to be honest we’ve been a bit spoilt with our winter weather being sunny until now.

My daughter has given me more hugs than usual. The pets are all over me. Ok there was food involved.

I think tomorrow I’ll take them for a walk regardless of the weather. I’d sure like to get out of this slump.

One more day off and then on for 10 days. Ick. Depressed thinking about it! Oh and the work I was doing last Thursday and Friday I was told I shouldn’t have been and won’t be again.

Feeling a bit pawn-like.



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