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Suicide watch

30 June, 2013

Yesterday a fairly new graduate and young man suicided in his workplace.

At first I hadn’t heard it was a suicide but that it was a shooting. An officer down on the mainland and colleagues were changing their profile pics on Facebook in support.

This morning a page a friend follows “Cop Humour” wrote the story with the ribbon of remembrance and I made the mistake of reading it.

It would seem this young officer took their own life in the station. My heart sank.

My mind went into my own disturbing thoughts in the past and how I had had to put safety mechanisms in place for not just my own sake but for those around me.

I’m not quite sure where my head has gone. I don’t want to follow this path. I’m not suicidal. But I have an inkling of his pain.

I know I’m in this present place. I’m grounded. Life is not desperate for me. I know there is potential in my new position at work.

My heart aches for this unknown man though. For his colleagues who found him. For supervisors who might not have a clue. For the aftermath that lies ahead.

I hope understanding follows


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