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A weekend and hormones

16 June, 2013

It’s been a grey old weekend with frequent showers, not enough wood for the fire and DVDs to watch.

Hansel and Gretel – with Jeremy Renner, man. Gory and kinda boring. Life of Pi – a fantastical story that was possibly too deep for me to get into.

Then the evening movie, Bat Man – Dark Knight. I don’t like Christian Bale in these movies and I know, it’s apparently Heath Ledger’s finest moment but “Meh”.

I went to bed half way through. I started reading Dan Brown’s Inferno on my iPad but sleep was what I was really after and a late wake up.

So morning came with some odd dreams, half awake in that blissful morning moment.

So when I do come downstairs calling kids who were still in bed at 10am to watch our final rented movie, The Impossible, hubby accusingly said to me “Are you going to sit there until 10pm tonight?!”

My photo today is “family” and my Facebook and Instagram is littered with fathers for Fathers Day or birthday tributes for “great men”. Then I hear hubby yell and criticise the kids.

He continues to be grumpy on and off during the day and then he says to the middlest that he can drive when they go out later. This shocks and confuses me as he swore never to let him drive again.

I also checked my dates and along with my unenthusiastic mood think day 21 is looming. Well yes indeedy it is. Joy. So I pop another 50mg of Pristiq. Late in the day I know but it might perk me up by this evening and settle this restless but lazy feeling.

I’m just glad the hormone slump happens on the weekend as it would be harder to drag myself through a day in the office. Then again I have no real distraction of me here at home with self indulgent kids.

Understanding doesn’t make it much easier.


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