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2 June, 2013

How is it possible to go from loving someone in all their imperfectness just for who they are to despising them for the venom they spew?

This isn’t about hubby you’ll be glad to know. This is about the “middlest”. He’s 18. He can be so rude, so selfish, so mean, so rough (physically with the kids) and so infuriating.

Thing is hubby can’t stand his attitude either and is openly venomous and contemptuous to the middlest as well so me unloading to him won’t help either of us.

I’m hurt. He hurled insults, barbs and hate filled looks at me. All of this because I asked him to change the cat litter.

Instead I get challenged that his cat doesn’t use the litter. He does so much more work in the house than anyone else.

It kept going until he was then saying that he does more than anyone else in this house and that I do nothing. That barb hurt but not only that he then continued.

With venom and hatred spewing from him my youngest boy was telling me not to react to him. My daughter on the other hand dished the venom back to him.

What hurts most is how he is the least supportive of our family. He is self reliant and rarely shares his heart. Getting any sort of physical affection (like a hug) is nigh on impossible.

He talks through sarcasm and criticism and I try to think if that’s all he gets from us but know its not. Sure he does get the bitter attitude from hubby but the middlest and I do talk.

He had a girlfriend for a year and while he seemed supportive to her he was lacking in compassion and real caring. In many ways it hurt me to see how he didn’t “protect” her.

It was her heart he didn’t protect. He acted superior to her, better than her, smug.

Women should be cherished. I want to be cherished. I want my daughter to be cherished. I want my sons to cherish the women they are in relationship with.

Life will be so much easier if (and when) the middlest finally moves out but I’d rather it was on good terms rather than through hatred.

Parenting is hard work



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