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Can’t get into today

29 May, 2013

This morning is dragging. My first alarm went off at 6.45am to be “snoozed”. This was followed by another three “snoozes” before I cracked one eye open to check my iPhone for overnight news or Facebook gossip.

At the back of my mind was my Photoaday topic “Kiss”. How the heck do I capture that, or that a bit differently? Better get up… Must I?… Oops… 7.30am… Now I’ll make hubby late

He of course is able to spring out of bed at the same time as me and somehow make it out to the car to sit there waiting impatiently. Me, I have coffee to make, lunch to stuff into my bag, cats to feed, boots to put on, keys to find to lock the door, double check the lights are out and make sure all the dogs are out of the house (we have one who sneaks in and then has a spastic panic attack in the house when left alone).

Into work (early for me) and there is silence in the car. I’m hardly a good morning person at the best of times so I wasn’t chatty and neither were the kids. I watched as we drove through misty fields in the early morning sunshine and thought of the photo opportunities I was missing out of the sunlight kissing the mist.

There was no way I’d ask hubby to stop the car though and we continued on in the crisp morning light of a winter’s morning. Dropped the kids, joined the traffic streaming into the city and in for the start of the day with half an hour spare and my morning coffee drunk and the Keep Cup left behind in the car.

It was time to catch up on the news, a colleague was heading off to Thailand tomorrow and hadn’t told anyone until now of her treat away! Online newspaper read, email checked, logged into uni and noticed the time hadn’t even made it to my official start time of 9am. Oh dear…

Right throughout the morning the time just went slowly by and I seemed to watch the clock go by in chunks of 20 minutes. I don’t know why but my mood seemed to drop along with the time dragging and unenthusiastically working my way through files that needed followup work done.

The time has now only just ticked past 12 and it’s almost time to allow me to duck out for some fresh air and a hot coffee. Almost time for something to eat and then as the afternoon wears on, almost time to head home for the day! Yay!!

Slowly slowly


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