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18 May, 2013

I’m not really sure where to start. I went to my psych J on Thursday after asking her to read my last blog to speed up our chat.

She had a PTSD screening tool (similar to the PAI) and she had me complete it and scored while I waited.

While the depression may be effecting some of the result I showed definite PTSD traits.

In one way it’s a relief to know I’m not going mad with some of my feelings and memories but it feels like another complication on this journey.

I managed to finish my day in work and got on with things. I didn’t look forward to bedtime though.

I ended up leaving work early with my jaw being sore and had a full on battle with my mind as flashback after flashback rushed into my head as I drove.

That’s the worst attack of memories I’ve ever had and shaking them off wasn’t so simple.

I’m in a state of avoidance today though. I haven’t read my emails which are mounting up. I haven’t done my bible reading. I haven’t done anything much. I haven’t even taken my picture a day for today (I’m lacking inspiration for “Want”. I have managed to shower an dress though.

Feeling the burden


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