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Finding equilibrium

14 May, 2013

It’s been my second day back at work today and two full days of activity. None of it particularly taxing from a mental point of view as I slip back into my job knowledge and phone enquiries.

It’s been nice getting back with the team. They haven’t overly fussed but done a usual catch up throughout the day.

I found myself hit a mid day slump and had to push through from around 1pm to keep going without clock watching the afternoon away.

My daughter came into work while I finished up. Then we went to get a couple of things for dinner in the shop.

We got home at almost 6pm in the dark after joining the hordes streaming out of the city for our “rush hour”.

With my eldest needing to be dropped to the airport, a shower desired and dinner to be readied hubby did the round trip, I got the dinner in the oven and then showered.

By the time dinner was ready it was 7.45pm. Way later than I like us to eat our meal! I was trying not to get stressed at the disruption to my usual routine but found myself willing the oven to cook faster.

Dinner done, hunger sated, dishes put away and finally time to sit down. I haven’t gotten to my study which I’m behind on but again, I’m trying not to stress but aim to deal with it tomorrow.

After I’d chilled a bit I went to get my bedtime coffee I remembered I needed to restock my vitamin/med dispenser.

Tonight though instead of feeling dragged down by the burden I felt happy that maybe I’ve found that equilibrium, that this med regime is the right one.

I was grateful for the Largactil to help me get restful sleep (even if it doesn’t always work). I’m grateful that my no-poo method doesn’t leave me feel lacking after a refreshing shower.

I can’t wait to jump into bed at the end of my day and not dread going into work tomorrow even though the work isn’t thrilling, but the team is worth going in for daily.

Now to find our two missing chickens in the morning!


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