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Back to work…

12 May, 2013

And I’m worn out already. I don’t understand this.

I think I’ve slept ok the last two nights but this morning as I watched Doctor Who in bed I wanted to curl back up and go asleep instead of getting up properly for the day.

I’m looking forward to being back with the team tomorrow but in a way I’m dreading work too. I’m not entirely sure why but I feel as if I’m preempting it to be hideous.

It’s not like I’ve had a stressful weekend. Yesterday hubby and I went out for a coffee crawl with a couple of friends.

It was brilliant stepping out from our regular cafes, having an amazing breakfast of crepes, piccolo latte, tasting chocolate cake that could kill a person and discovering a tiny cafe that my son could get a real spiced chai.

Then it was home, collect the kids and a rare family outing to the cinema to watch Iron Man 3 on the big screen.

Today was a lazy start with hubby leaving to play with boats, making my coffee and grabbing my iPad off my daughter to watch an advance screen of Doctor Who on the Internet.

My eldest played his PS2 all day while I finished reading a book by Sean and Leigh Ann Tuohy – In a Heartbeat (an awesome read btw).

So neither was today a manic day. I even ironed a couple of work shirts! I just feel drained.

Now that I think a bit more on my previous medication regime I had Edronax in the morning and at lunchtime. I lived by my mid-day alarm call.

What I found with the Edronax was that it activated me, gave me that second wind almost. Instead I’m feeling wiped from 5pm and by 6pm this evening I could have curled up for a snooze.

Instead I have a feeling that hubby used to say – if I go to bed now I won’t sleep later and it’ll be morning before I know it.

I don’t like this feeling

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