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The “No-poo” method

4 May, 2013

So I mentioned briefly about me going shampoo free. Well I got as far as day 10 without shampooing.

For the first few days I didn’t do anything to my hair other than brush it and tie the top up into a plait.

Day 7 I finally ventured into a shower and just ran water through it. Since then it just got water and plaited back up again.

I have hair that goes halfway down my back with layers starting from my shoulders. I now regret not taking before and after pictures of my transition to “no-poo” wash.

The last couple of days I’d done some reading on “No-poo” and suggestions to clean were baking soda and vinegar.

This morning I decided to get the ratio and found a couple of my Tupperware travel set bottles and rinsed them out of their residual shampoo and conditioner.

I guess the beauty of also using something so small is I can travel with them too now. Convenient.

Anyway, I mixed 30g of baking soda into a 100ml bottle – roughly the 1:3 ratio. The vinegar I used is an Apple Cider vinegar and I ended up with the same ratio but it was suggested to just use 1:4.

The baking soda and water settled so it needs a quick shake immediately prior to use. I ended up then squirting the mix down the midline of my head and then in parallel lines towards my ears.

One thing. Keep your eyes closed and try not to lick your lips. Baking soda isn’t too tasty!

A thorough rinse and my hair squeaked. My hair rarely squeaks on a first shampoo. Often needing a second to get the squeaky clean.

Next I gathered the length of my hair and from the start of the layers ran the vinegar mix through it and left it in while I washed me. Then rinsed it all out and gave it a quick hit with cold water. Done

I am extremely sceptical of this method. I had clean hair before but it looked wet and weighty in the oils that had accumulated during transition.

Now though, with my hair half dry (I rarely blow dry) it feels lighter and the natural blonde is more noticeable than pre-wash.

So here’s my hair post it’s first baking soda wash:

In the first one you can see the full length of my hair. In the second you can see how light and well it looks. I wish I had taken a before photo. I never expected such a good result.

The old and the new:

You can see I’ve used about a third of my baking soda mix and about a quarter of my vinegar conditioner.

If its a weekly chore to fill my little bottles then that’s not a bad thing.

I’m getting my hair cut next week. I’m now debating whether to bring my baking soda and vinegar bottles in with me or not. It’s a new salon for me that professes to use more natural products so I might take the risk and face the transition period again.

I’m going because my last hair cut just didn’t get rid of my split ends (and middles) and I wasn’t 100% happy with my last few cuts from my old salon.

I’m an old time supporter of vinegar and lemon juice in my hair though. I love how vinegar is a natural rinse and I use it exclusively on windows, dishwasher and cleaning along with Enjo products (when I clean the house).

I used not to rinse it out though before venturing into the sunshine for some natural highlighting. I love how I got the most amazing blonde highlights in my strawberry blonde hair. I have never put colour in it and I’m 40!

So far so good.


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