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Movin’ on up

2 May, 2013

With my last week a complete right off of pain, pain meds, sick stomach, headache, generally blah feeling and a fuzzy head I’m beginning to come out of the fog.

The swelling post-op has gone down as has the yellow-green residual bruising and washed out pallor on me. Yesterday to my absolute dismay my chin and lip started to tingle.

My lower lip, whole chin radiating around my right jaw now has a funny tingle and feeling in it. The surgeon said to go back in a couple of weeks if not right or cancel because its come good. I sure hope it comes good.

All week I was post-op I didn’t shower or wash my hair. I mean how dirty can you get when you lounge in pyjamas feeling like roadkill?! Seriously though my head couldn’t have taken it. I was low.

So along with my not washing my hair for a week, it now looks like a greasy mess but has volume, I have decided to try going without shampoo. It’s call a no-poo shampoo method and uses baking soda and vinegar.

One blog I read said they spent $8 on a bottle of shampoo. I spent around $40 on some beautiful stuff and that again for conditioner.

Anyway it’s the transition stage (the gross greasy stage) that I’ve always dreaded going through so having a scummy week gave me a headstart and I was holed up at home seeing no one but my family (who laughed at me).

I’ll explain why they laughed. On Tuesday I was in so much pain even light was hurting my eyes. I sat in our lounge, with curtains closed, a movie on tv and my sunglasses on. I even closed my eyes.

Thankfully the kids didn’t laugh at my IN my misfortune and misery but waited until after when I could join in with them.

Today is the first day I haven’t woken and jumped out of bed to reach first for the painkillers and not for my anti-depressant and vitamins.

So this morning when I still lacked motivation, still didn’t want to go out and face life, still had to make a superhuman effort to join the kids downstairs rather than wallow in (a warm) bed, I decided to buy the extra Pristiq (50mg) as my GP suggested.

So my level will be 150mg. We’ll see how I go on that. I know I won’t see a difference before seeing him tomorrow but I have to start somewhere, right?


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