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Pain med addict

29 April, 2013

Yep, that’s me. I woke at 3am and had to come down for more meds. I take it the infection in my jaw hasn’t abated even with the antibiotics. I hadn’t wanted to have to go back to the surgeon this evening for another drain but fighting the pain would be silly, wouldn’t it?

I’m exhausted. I had stamina to drive my son into town half an hour away, return halfway, get some pet food and videos and then the rest of the trip was an endurance and I’d started to get a jangly feeling again, not visible shakes but (ok, visible shakes).

Between the anti-depressants though and the pain meds I haven’t felt like I can sleep during the day so I’m just lounging on the couch. I’m trying to keep my eating up, although the major problem with that is an inability to chew and mouthfuls need to be small to fit between my locked jaws which won’t open.

So the stuff I’m on, for those interested – Pain meds: Codalgin Forte (paracetamol and codeine), ibuprofen and arnica (to help with the bruising). Anti-biotics (the bad boys in all this): Cilamox (Amoxycillin) and Metronide (Metronidazole).

Another thing that occurred to me was that my body has been busy fighting this infection in my jaw for so long maybe it’s also no wonder that it was at it’s last resort and couldn’t deal with brain going offline. It’s no wonder I got coldsores so often. The body is an amazing piece of machinery indeed.

All this going on without any input from me – makes me wonder what use we are to the body!


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