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Post op “progress”?

27 April, 2013

Day 4 and I had another day of pain. It just hasn’t diminished since day one. The right side of my jaw being the one that had an abscess in it, tooth buried under bone and icky stuff going on.

This morning I decided to call my surgeon and he agreed to meet me in case it was dry socket. Hubby drove us in in a wild windy drive.

Got to the surgeon’s rooms and he was waiting for me. Hopped into the chair and minutes later have a foul taste in my mouth as he unleashes my problem – a gum full of pus.

Handed fresh scripts for super antibiotics and extra strong pain relief I begin to leave with a queasy feeling and mild shaking. What a morning!

Managed the shopping mall to fill my scripts and shakily made my way back to the car and home. I’m glad I hadn’t tried to be brave and drive myself!

Home, squeezed some food down my resistant mouth and I just want to collapse into a heap. The surgeon reckons I’ll feel better by Monday (as well as feeling minor improvement from the “pus-letting”).

Trust me to be complicated!


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