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Losing wisdom

25 April, 2013

Yesterday I had two wisdom teeth removed.

I was told to be in the day surgery clinic at 8.45 and then waited what seemed like an age before I was called and told to get into hospital gowns. Then another age before I went in for the actual surgery.

All up the surgery seemed to take an hour and I was groggily awake. Eventually it was time to leave though with me getting hubby to stop for an iced coffee for me. Bliss!

Leaving the clinic

It didn’t seem like the pain meds did anything to ease the pain though and still doesn’t. I’m considering talking to my GP tomorrow about getting Panadeine Forte but will see how I go for the rest of today.

At least I was able to sleep last night but I woke in pain at 5.30am so took a load of meds and went back to bed. The meds seem to give me relief for 2 hours before it eases off.

I got a shock when I looked in the mirror this morning!

And for some reason I have stitches in my cheeks, or at least that’s what it feels like. Chewing is impossible as is opening my mouth to take in food.

I was told I had an abscess under one of the teeth – ironically it was the one not giving me any trouble!

Feeling rather sore and sorry. But on a mental scale feeling ok. Pristiq seems to be doing the trick.

They wouldn’t let me keep the teeth.



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