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What a day

17 April, 2013

Woke up and my back is still a mess. I’m waddling around like I’m 9 months pregnant!

First up, coffee and vitamins with my first day of Pristiq. Having fewer tablets to take was nice and I settled down to wait for my daughter to come down.

A short while through the morning though I felt stomach cramps coming on in waves. I had a small bite to eat and then the cramps got worse, so much worse and indigestion (belching) began.

The waves of agony that I’d to breathe through like labour pains kept coming with no relief.

I ended up going to my bed near my en suite in case I needed to make a dash (hard with a sore back).

I had to collect my son off the bus and again had to breathe through the pain on the way back. When I arrived home I had a mouthful of milk and headed back to bed and some lumbar support.

Suddenly the saliva flowed and I thought I was going to throw up. I closed my eyes as I went to sit near the toilet and eventually the saliva stopped flowing. Thankfully it didn’t end in vomiting.

Whether it’s the meds or not – and there is some talk of Pristiq and abdominal cramping, hubby told me later he had some discomfort when he started but nothing as bad as mine sounded.

Sounds like I could have an interesting couple of days ahead.

Here comes another wave


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