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Manual labour

16 April, 2013

So today is a med-free day. It’s not been as scary as I thought it might have been (so far).

This morning we woke up to news about the Boston marathon bombs and it filled our tv screens with information and mis-information as news-hungry media wanted to hear new stories.

Suffice to say, we visited New York a couple of years ago, have Twitter “friends” in NY, I’m Irish (and Boston holds many ex-Pats), it’s a marathon (friends just ran in the Paris Marathon) and hubby runs and running the NY City marathon is a dream (although Paris for him is more feasible). So there were many poignant moments as we have soul-people in common.

My daughter (off school again with migraine) and I watched the end of House and watched Wilson and House finish in the finest way possible for two loveable characters – again, bringing thoughts to home (mum had cancer and I have very firm ideas on chemo if it ever happened to me).

Then I tried to move my daughter’s fouton mattress by myself off the hallway outside of her room, back into her room. As I got it jammed in her doorway and leaned over to grab it I felt a pop in my back and couldn’t stand upright. I hobbled downstairs after dragging the fouton completely out of the way and curled up on the couch and watched Despicable Me.

After getting washing up done I was able to see my kitchen counter and make a pumpkin soup. Chopping up the veggies was my manual labour with my daughter watching kids programmes.

It’s odd but I was able to get on with the washing up and the veggie chopping without feeling like I was losing concentration. I haven’t tried reading or anything though and may find I fall down with head-concentration but it’s been refreshing to start and finish those two menial things.

And I have the reward of a yummy soup (I hope) for dinner!


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