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Taking a day

8 April, 2013

I’ve done it. Called work and said I won’t be in. I’ve wanted to do it since I woke two hours ago. In reality I’ve wanted to do it for days but just kept going.

My first call once the kids were dropped off though was to my GP. Might as well bite the bullet and face him too.

Since I’ve done that a headache has hatched in my head too. Yay.

Unfortunately the appointment is right in the middle of the day so I have lots of potential driving or to tell the kids to get buses and I get them closer to home (my choice).

I’ve wondered about my med levels for weeks I guess. My mood has been so low but if I’m hard on myself what am I doing to help myself?

I’m not exercising to get the endorphins up. I’m not socialising to get the happy stuff happening. I had to set a goal this morning that I showered rather than go out with greasy hair.

I feel like I’m back to square one


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