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My head hurts

2 April, 2013

It’s hurt for the last few days. Nothing gets rid of the pain. Chocolate, coffee, no coffee, paracetamol, ibuprofen, pseudoephedrine, anti-histamine, even lying down hurts.

Food makes me get all gassy and belch for hours so I’m afraid to eat anything of substance that bring that on further.

My concentration is scatty. I was making a coffee and turned the steamer off and thought we were having a power cut as it stopped steaming.

My study for the first time has fallen behind and instead of making the most of full days instead of evenings I still haven’t caught up with it.

My middlest is being a stubborn git and won’t help out with the washing up. Instead causing me to end up yelling or giving in to his refusal. I’m not able to withstand it and feel like it’s all down to me to fix, again!

I’m too tired for this!


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