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15 March, 2013

So this morning dawned with a solid sleep from a not too early bedtime after a constant day until around 10pm. I got into work, got a message from the eldest to meet for coffee and made my way there with a spring in my step.

I took a different route and when I arrived at the coffee shop the eldest was standing outside with not just his coffee but mine too! This saved me waiting for mine and I wasn’t late for work. I was SO appreciative of his generosity!

Got into work and found my spirit light, my enthusiasm high and laughter ready with a smile on my face. It felt amazing to feel so rejuvenated and I was very aware that the high might not last but it was certainly a welcome change.

Whether it was the fact it was Friday, having lightbulb moments yesterday with J or prayer later yesterday evening with C I don’t care. It was a rare glimpse into the difference of where I’d been and where depression has taken me (especially in the last couple of days).

It’s now 2.30pm and I have felt my energy ebb from around 1.30pm but that’s ok. I guess expecting it to peter out is a good lesson to take time out for myself too during the day and that I have to rebuild my stamina again anyway.

I have a long day ahead on a Friday with the younger two kids going to youth in town after school which means I’m out until 9.30-10pm. Sometimes I have things to do while they are in youth, tonight I have Statistics to look forward to and the eldest may find me to keep me company as he does some tattoo designs.


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